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1-2-3 cube

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IAmNotGr33n, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Hey I am having a little hard finding out my feeding with the American cubes

    I have

    2 clown (small)
    2 fritmani (small)
    3 cromis (small)
    1 blenni (small)
    1 yellow tang (small)
    2 fire fish goby (small)

    All in all 10 small fish, I think I feed about 1/2 cube a day.

    And I'll think I'll be feeding about 1-2 in the future?

    Dos it sound right?

    Oh yeah is a 450liters with 250 liters sump.
  2. tebo

    tebo Member

    I think you're close to what you need, for now Might even feed a cube, and I think watching the fish got here two maximum

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  3. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Thank you fore confirming me
  4. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Yeah I would say 1 cube/day would be plenty for those fish, beside the Yellow Tang they aren't going to get very big. You can add in 0.25 to 0.5 sheet of Nori for the tang 2-3 times/week also and not impact load by that much.

    2 cubes would be a lot, unless you started getting a large coral load and were also target feeding them or broadcast feeding the tank.
  5. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Sounds good, then I'll just be more glad to throw my skimmer out.
    And installe my L2 scrubber witch I will be referring to as the "sexy beast L2"

    Can't wait to here from you Bud
  6. Kerry

    Kerry Member Trusted Member Customer

    Sexy beast, LOL. thats funny!!!!!!!!! You would be very surprised how far you could push your L2 with a little more light period if you had to due to more load from fish or coral. Those LED's scrubbers are pretty amazing. I think we under rate them due to the figures posted on the Santa Monica site years ago. Any way you have a great product and it will serve you very well even if you push it a little if you have to in the future.
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  7. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Yeah i cant wait...

    I believe I have read that they worke best if they are pushed almost at there limit...
  8. Kerry

    Kerry Member Trusted Member Customer

    I fell that pushed a little is better then less its capacity
  9. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Waiting on the "sexy beast"
    Damn it's a hard wait ;-)
  10. Kerry

    Kerry Member Trusted Member Customer

    Sometimes is takes 4+ weeks. My 75G took almost 6 weeks to come around with some good green.
  11. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Oh I haven't got it yet, I am waiting on it ;-)
  12. Kerry

    Kerry Member Trusted Member Customer

    Oh! I thought you meant waiting on growth, LOL. While you wait be sure you have a good scraping device like an old credit card or plastic paint scraper and also a good brush with STIFF bristles, I like the tile grout brushes that look similar to a tooth brush design.
  13. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Way ahead of you @Kerry! Mine come with a scraper, denture toothbrush, and a grout & tile brush, standard :)


  14. Kerry

    Kerry Member Trusted Member Customer

    Look at you! Great minds think like me LOL!!! Thats a nice addition to your product for sure.
  15. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    Now, Bud less forum, more sexy beast;)
  16. IAmNotGr33n

    IAmNotGr33n Member Customer

    I just got a email from Bud, the "sexy beast" is on its way...
    This is going to be awesome.

    To those who want to follow the progress of a reef tank, and the effects, installations of the L2.
    Are welcome to look at my YouTube

    I will be testing, documenting, the hole progress.

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