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90G FW Goldfish tank with 40G sump

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Q&A' started by Gary Ko, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Gary Ko

    Gary Ko New Member

    Hi Bud,

    Thanks for adding me to the L2 waiting list. I like to describe my setup and get a some feedback from you or anyone on his forum as to whether the L2 is sufficient enough for my system.

    Main tank: 90 gallon tank with a single Lifereef overflow pre-filter box.

    Sump: 40 gallon long with 4 chambers.
    Chamber 1:mecahnical filters with polyfil
    chamber 2 & 3: 10L of Seachem pond Matrix and 3 100ml bags of Seachem Purigen. Chamber 4: Mag 9.5 pump.

    Also I have 2 pothos plants sticking out of the top of the display tank.

    StocK: 13 goldfish with a mix of 8 fantails and 5 fancies, all range from 2-8 inch in length (includes tail).

    Feeding: once in the morning and once at dinner with Total Koi Shogold sinking small pellets.

    Water change is usually once a week with 80% of the main tank. There has been a few times when I waited 2 weeks. I like to cut down the frequency of water changes. I am hoping just the L2 would be good enough. Thanks.
  2. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Goldfish are pretty dirty fish and usually require continuous feeding to really thrive (from what I understand, at least) so your setup sounds appropriate. FW scrubber tend to grow thinner and for some reason also tend to discolor the water. See @Walleyefisher's posts about that, he has 3 of my scrubbers and did have issues. Not to turn you away, just being honest. Also you have to run FW scrubber hard (high intensity, long hours) in order to really keep things under control I guess.

    I have no personal experience with FW scrubbers actually...so I defer to those that know best.

    If you are looking to do some peak-shaving using an algae scrubber instead of making it the primary system filter, I think this is a workable plan. Going the other way might be the issue...not sure.
  3. Gary Ko

    Gary Ko New Member

    The main reason I was considering getting the L2 was to reduce the number or water changes. Even with the amount of biomedia and live plants in my sytem right now, the nitrate levels are still high (over 40). It's a pain to remove 70 gallons of water each. week. I really have to think about this now. With our Canadian dollar doing so poorly, 399US is 550 CDN. It get very expensive quickly.

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