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Algae Scrubber Custom 2-part

Discussion in 'Advanced Topics' started by Tim, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. Tim

    Tim Member Trusted Member

    Dear All,

    I am working on my own version of 2-part (based on Jimmy54 work), it is pretty much finished, however I will be using an algae scrubber as the only source of filtration (still breaking in at the moment).. an would like to tweak potassium/iodine/iron concentrations in the stock solutions. I wondered if potassium consumption and iron consumption can be linked to the size of the screen. Apart from that I heard iodide will build up if no skimmer is used?

    I would like to know more about this, because I can change the 2-part recipe while maintaining the balanced in terms of Na/CI/SO4. If anyone has some info on this, please let me know. It would be very nice to create a 2-part solution designed to boost algae scrubber performance while maintaining chemistry.
    Schermafbeelding 2017-10-09 om 13.50.18.png Schermafbeelding 2017-10-09 om 13.51.42.png Schermafbeelding 2017-10-09 om 13.51.58.png
  2. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    I'm not sure that I have answers to any of your questions. I would guess that if anyone has any answers to how an algae scrubber would affect a tank's chemistry, at least current information, Triton might have some insight. I've reached out to them in the past but never heard back. Maybe I'll try again

    Who is this? I've never heard of his work - got a link?
  3. Tim

    Tim Member Trusted Member

    I never met Jimmy in person, but he has been helping out many reefers on different forums with their questions and developed his own "version'' of balling classic.. I will post some links but first need to tell you this: I have been tracing back most of his replies on different forums an gathered a lot of information. In my quest for information, I experienced the same as you did; the develops of "methods" will not help... Probably because it is incredibly cheap to DIY yourself.. for a premixed liter kH stock solution €16,95... I make it myself for €0,06.. the only thing you need is the right knowledge.. and in the Netherlands Jimmy was the one who knew it all.

    Here are some links:
    2-part DIY (based on jimmy54's theory)

    Fauna Marin Trace unbalanced? - Page 2 - Reef Central Online Community
    His theory in a nutshell is post #34

    Lets talk NaCl free salt.

    I think it is very interesting to make a specific mix for ATS users. The only thing which is holding me back at the moment is my scrubber. I noticed the acrylic has bend.. the lid is bend.. en the sides also bend.. hopefully it will not crack. As soon as this thing works I can figure out the numbers myself, if there are is no data available.
  4. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Good info. Will read over this when I have time!

    Yup, unbraced acrylic will warp like crazy. that's because it absorbs water (all acrylic does).
  5. TbyZ

    TbyZ Member

    Hi Tim. First thing I would recommend to you is to get ICP tests done to monitor, in particular, your minor & trace elements take up & or, build up in the water column.

    In regards to "I heard iodide will build up if no skimmer is used? thats rubbish. You're only adding it to the tank water when you feed the fish, or if you dose it, & when you do water changes. I would imagine activated carbon & or Purigen takes it up, but its also taken up by algae, corals, tunicates, sponges, worms, shrimp & fish. If you don't dose it & select foods low in iodine it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Tim

    Tim Member Trusted Member

    Last week I started dosing my own mix, I also added sodium tetraborate to the kH mix to stabilize pH and for adding boron. Apart from that I am dosing canna-fe. 50% Fe-EDDHA and 50% Fe-DPTA. It is experimental, but if it does not help the corals, than hopefully the scrubber will benefit from it.

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  7. Tim

    Tim Member Trusted Member

    So the left is the Ca mix; Ca + Mg + Sr + K and the right the kH mix; kH + I + B.
    Fe and Mn are added manually and sulfates (mg sulfate) are added with the topoff water as soon as x amount of water has been removed to compensate for the salinity. The solutions are dosed by 2x IKS vario blue on a secondstimer. [​IMG]

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  8. Tim

    Tim Member Trusted Member

    So I will also add sodium molybdate to the kH mix and started dosing Mn-EDTA. I will get back to this later.

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