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hello Richie here looking for advice on a scrubber..

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Richiero, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. my fine art work :)

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  2. Ace25

    Ace25 Member Trusted Member

    My head hurts now.. Like Bud, I am soooo confused about those siphon breaks. I understand the purpose, just not what is going on in those pictures/drawing. Seems extremely overly complicated and there are much easier methods to achieve it, but since I still don't know what is going on, I could be wrong in this circumstance.

    That said.. you want a scrubber, how about my 'super simple' scrubber idea, just a few screens in the sump? Nothing above the sump other than a light, just like a normal refugium. I make no claims on how well it will work since I am just starting one myself on one of my tanks, but I imagine my idea would at least work as good as the surf2 method if not 100x better. Short of it, install screens in the sump like you would install baffles, but make it so the screens are close to each other (1-1/2" apart) and can easily slide in/out for cleaning (brackets on the sides of the sump to hold them in place). Kind of like a bee hive box where there are multiple screens stacked and you slide one out at a time to clean.
  3. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    I get it, and it's pretty cool actually. The simpler version, for a "reef ready" setup, is to just drill a hole in the return line so that it sprays into the overflow box (some people put a sponge in front of it to control noise and/or spray).

    This version just taps off the return line into a JG fitting, in which a line is inserted and snaked through a hole in the overflow pipe so that it sprays right into that - no noise.

    The second air line in the overflow pipe is to allow air in to keep it from siphoning and flushing (noise relief).

    Richiero, I think the possible issue you have here is that you have a lot of plumbing between your return and your overflow pipe. That's a lot of potential clog points. This is why I think a siphon break is great, but should not be relied upon. If you lose power and you start backsiphoning, and there is a little bit of gunk built up (like build up in all plumbing) this can partially block the hole and the siphon break will not be immediately effective, or not at all. I think this is what you're seeing.

    A siphon break is not a "forget it" type of protection - you need to be able to clear the path every so often, probably monthly to be safe. Your is a very large path, so maybe longer, but eventually it will probably get clogged. Murphy's Law is at rule in all our tanks.
  4. do you have pictures of the set up ace?
  5. hey turbo the system seems is draining correctly now. o yeah i for got to mention that the tube sticking sticking strength out of the ret pipe was so you don't get that loud drain. with the drilling the whole method if you get one snail in the wrong place at the wrong time see ya no siphon break. and if i knew how to draw better that would help...
  6. is getting banned for AS web site the new thing? that person sounds like a douche bag imo.. that guy seems to have a thin skin, he would never last in a firehouse setting with all the ball breaking that goes on....
  7. Ace25

    Ace25 Member Trusted Member

    I will take some pictures later today, but it is still a dry sump at the moment. I am siliconing in the screen guides today. I had never removed glass baffles before to relocate them, let me tell you, that is a much harder chore than I ever imagined. What I thought would be an hour process ended up being a weeks worth of work. Here is a link that better describes what I am trying myself. https://www.turbosaquatics.com/threads/concept-the-most-basic-ats-idea.213/
  8. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    We were all behind him originally. I think Rumpy Pumpy said it best on his last post over there, and you said it good too. I wouldn't say it's all the rage to get banned, pretty much whoever is going to get banned has been banned IMO and I think it was just about time to move on for them/us anyways.

    I'll be taking off the fun "banned" badge soon. Just playing around :)
  9. i like it keep it....
  10. ace after reading the info on the link you posted say you are using the l2 skimmer and just put a filtering media in between the baffle that separates the ret pump area, wouldn't that catch the algae spores? and have the filter sox on the drain? just wondering..
  11. that is my sump, my ret chamber is to the right say put some filter floss or a filter sponge on there to catch the spores

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  12. i was thinking about modding my manifold so i can fit the l2 that would free up the width req, but the height is still tight. your no return policy on such an expensive item is killing me...
  13. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    I didn't say it was no return, I just haven't set a policy in stone. So I would give a full refund on an unused unit. But I would like to avoid that possible situation.

    I can't refund shipping nor pay return shipping, but as long as the unit arrives back in perfect condition so I can re-sell it, not a prob. I just got one such unit back the other day, the guys' wife bought him a starter Zeo kit for his birthday so I bought it back from him.
  14. i wouldn't use the unit i would put it under my stand and see if would be to diff to access i would not run water through it. i am a stand up guy and take pride in what ever i do, never in a million years would i expect you to pay return shipping or refund the shipping cost... buy any chance did you buy it back from a guy from reef central for 35o bucks???
    if you still have that one i will buy that one for 350 :) plus shipping of course.... if i change my manifold setup that runs off of 3/4 piping do you think i should keep at 3/4 or reduce it down to 1/2 and then use john guest fittings to attach to the manifold, would the smaller pipe reduce the flow to the mani or is that dependent on the ret pump??? thx
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2013
  15. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    I can give you dimensions so that you can create a mock-up out of construction paper and this will really help you know whether or not it will work.

    The RC unit was one I sold him but I gave him a bit of a discount because he was a volunteer at MACNA and those guys put on a great event, I know how much work that is (we had it in Des Moines in 2011) so I didn't get it back "cheap"...and it's already off to the next customer, sorry!
  16. Ace25

    Ace25 Member Trusted Member

    I think if you just put a filter sock on the output of the L2 like Bud is already doing, just raise it a few more inches to filter all the water, that would solve any worry of algae being released into the tank. You wouldn't have to worry about a sock on the overflow or media between the scrubber and return pump if you didn't want to use them.

    If you can make an L2 fit, I would highly recommend one. Compared to the L2-4 scrubbers, no other pre-built scrubber comes close in build quality and filtering ability IMO. They seem a little pricey but when you consider they should last 10 years with very little maintenance (new impeller and screens, probably $20) it should easily become one of the best filtration methods for the money.
  17. i made a mock up out of cardboard already, send the dimensions to see if i got them right.... but its still ain't the same as having the actual tangible product, the cardboard buckles etc etc, if i return it and there are any damage for some reason just refund me less... ace i know quality is 2nd to none... not to mention the support offered...
  18. any advice on the mani mod in regards to the changing of the pie size?
  19. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

  20. pipe

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