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Acrylic Here's my ATS specifically designed for Biocube owners

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by greyfish, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. Let's first discuss why I came up with the idea. Biocubes, in and of themselves, are great! They look cool, they're affordable, have a nice filtration setup, and are easy to manage, particularly for folks that are new to the hobby. What isn't so great is the insane amount of money people spend on aftermarket add-ons to make their Biocube into a spaceship. Yeah, I'm guilty of buying a $300 Biocube and spending well over $400 in filtration add-ons... I call that the rice-burner effect. You know... It's when you buy a cheap, old Honda Civic for $3000. Runs great, gets the job done, but then you want it to look cool, sound "cool", and before you know it you've dropped 15 grand into a 3 grand car...

    What I've come to realize is that the most effective piece of filtration in a reef tank for the cost (other than an algae scrubber, obviously) is a protein skimmer. Well, I'm sure there are those out there that will tell me that the Biocube has some decent skimmers, and that's true... But to get a skimmer decent enough to perform consistently on your Biocube, it ain't cheap!

    Okay, get to the point... Got it. I designed a very effective waterfall ATS for the Biocube series (with the exception of the 8 gallon) that works insanely well using the existing ledges for the stock drip trays. Oh yeah, and you can still use your stock Biocube filters right on top of it!

    Now, I'm not going to go into an insane amount of detail about it because I have plenty of pictures and information on my website. I would encourage you (if you own a Biocube) to go check these out! I've priced them very affordably and I've had great success thus far. I've been babysitting my parents' 29 gallon Biocube while they're having a house built. Started out at 20 nitrate, so I got the idea to come up with a prototype. Low and behold, I've had this little scrubber running about 45 days, did one 5 gallon water change, and nitrate is down to about 1. And as an added bonus, it completely silenced the previous splashing sound... With the success with my parents' Biocube, and the knowledge and experience with many other algae scrubbers, I decided to make it a real thing to sell to you kind folks in the reef community.

    I think this is a game changer for Biocube owners, guys. Please go check them out at greyfishaquatic.com/shop and let me know what you think! I've got quite a few ready to ship out as we speak...
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  2. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Really nice looking!! I'm glad you took the time to make a product like this for biocubes, it's not something I really had the time to develop
  3. Thanks, Bud! I figured the Biocube community needed some love from the ATS community. I've got a ton of interest so far but, as I'm sure is no surprise to you, the biggest question is, "What is an algae scrubber?". Lol. My ultimate goal is to have an algae scrubber for every all-in-one nano tank on the market, but as I'm sure you know, that's a lot of money, testing, etc. I figured I'd tackle the Biocube series first since they're probably 50% of the nano market sales and seem to be the "gateway drug" to larger tanks. It is my hope that these all-in-one system scrubbers educate a lot more people in the world of ATS. Hopefully I'm helping steer the hobby in our direction, you know?
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  4. Southpaw007

    Southpaw007 New Member

    That is very cool! I am an IM kinda guy if you could make differnt ones for the IM series tg at would be cool espcially the peninsula fusion and nano.

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  5. Thanks, brother! I love Innovative Marine, myself! My IM versions are next on the production agenda so I should have them in the next couple of months, although it will be a completely different design from the Biocube versions since the filtration is set up a bit different. I'll still keep them around a $30-40 price point most likely!

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