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LED wiring calculating current and voltage

Discussion in 'Algae Scrubber DIY' started by semiroundel, May 12, 2020.

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  1. semiroundel

    semiroundel New Member

    Hi, firstly thanks Turbo with your help so far.
    I am going to use that LED driver for the first 6 deep red LED's.
    In the second lot ( a bit of redundancy, plus the other driver was only enough for the six LED's), I haven't decided if I'm going to add two or four deep red in series, plus two violet in parallel.
    I have drawn the diagrams out, perhaps you could say how to wire up: 2 reds and 2 violets in drawings 1 or 2?
    And if I decide to wire up 4 reds and 2 violets, is it drawing 3 or 4?
    Also, how do I calculate the voltages? I seem to rememeber that one just adds them all up, but does that apply to the violets in parallel, or is it the current that's shared when wired in parallel?
    Many thanks. Jules

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  2. semiroundel

    semiroundel New Member

    Sorry, don't know why this didn't come out properly, I've added the pic below.

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  3. semiroundel

    semiroundel New Member

  4. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    None of these is correct, you're putting things like 2 reds in parallel with 2 single violets, etc. It's hard to see/explain unless I rearrange your sketches but it doesn't matter - what you need to do it take a string of reds and then insert a parallel pair between two of the reds so that the one pair of violets is in parallel only with each other, not branching across 2 different points within the series string (which creates other parallel pathways)

    Like this - this is 3 reds in series, then a pair of violets in parallel with each other, then 3 more reds in series



    closeup of the parallel wiring of the violet pair

  5. semiroundel

    semiroundel New Member

    Many, many thanks Turbo, to think I was going to do it the other way!
    Now that I see how closely yours are grouped, I think I'll need to put more on my panel, especially as I can only illuminate from one side, then again, my feeding load will be light.

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