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My newest L4 ATS

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tom39, Nov 11, 2017.

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  1. I didn't make the ones for this ATS but If I remember correctly the ones I made for my prior ATS a few years ago, I made them out of a 3/4" coupler. I just cut 2 - 1/4" slices from the coupler which made a ring. I then removed a 1/4" section from the ring, sanded the edges smooth and spread it apart until it slid over the pipe. Really wasn't much to it.

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  2. Turbo

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    Part of the growth process is the 3D effect that you get with an enclosed growth chamber and a false bottom. So you actually want the growth to start "piling up" on top of the false bottom. Algae should attach to the false bottom, as well as the acrylic. For that reason, I don't aggressively clean the acrylic or the false bottom - I let coraline algae build up (or rather, I don't scrape it off) and just remove the algae that attaches with a pass of a plastic scraper and maybe a toothbrush. If you're having issue with that growth detaching, I could see that not being desirable.

    Shading that area might actually make it worse.

    @tom39 is correct. I use a 3/4" coupler and slice off a very thin piece, then I cut 1/4 of the ring away (I cut 25%, not 1/4") using a wire cutter, then sand the tips round and snap it over. Works great, the trick is getting the ring cut thin enough - if you want it to pass through a square cutout on the mesh. I cut a single "+" cross member out of the screen, to make that small of a ring using a table saw or chop saw is a bit hairy. You can cut it using a hacksaw which is a bit safer, then sand it to the thickness you need.
  3. I made a harvest yesterday afternoon and like the 2 harvests I had prior, there was a snotty yellow growth on the screen (pics attached). Can anyone identify what this is and reply whether I should be concerned with it.
    Additionally, it appears that I may have contracted Dino's and I have a feeling that this growth and the Dino's have a correlation.

    Thank you,

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  4. Turbo

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    I would not worry about that type of growth. In looking at the pics I see some areas of lighter color, so there could be a little bit of flow variance, but nothing serious.

    I'm not 100% sure of the cause of the slime coating, I just know that it comes and goes. I still get some of that now and then.

    How long has this scrubber been on this tank? Did you have one on it before?

    The dinos connection - usually they show up when something has changed that affects the balance point, like flipping rocks, changing light cycles, changing flow patterns, etc. Adding a scrubber could be construed as changing the balance point, but I don't know that the algae on the scrubber or the slime on the scrubber would be the root cause of a dino outbreak - the filtration effect of the scrubber in general would be more logical. i.e. algae/slime doesn't necessarily grow on the scrubber and then flood the tank with spores and cause a widespread outbreak, it more tends to prevent that by outcompeting things.
  5. Been over a year since my last update but my L4 is still kicking butt. The pics are of the latest harvest (last Wednesday evening) and I am just amazed at how well this scrubber works. My Nitrate levels are at 0ppm according to my Hanna Checker and I am feeding heavily 2x a day, my fish are fat and happy and my tank and corals are thriving.

    Just for reference because the pictures aren't that great. The mat of algae on the screen is at least 1" thick on both sides and still firmly adhered to the screen. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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