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Need help decided on Light

Discussion in 'Algae Scrubber DIY' started by AmandaP, Sep 15, 2015.

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  1. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    Hi, I am new to this site and am in the planning stages of my DIY algae scrubber. I have been reading a lot about this topic and need some advise with the led lights. I am planning on a water fall scrubber in sump with it's own pump. I do not want to do a DIY light though. I want a plug an play one. My diy skills are not that good. Below you will see a link to the two light I was looking at. Will one of these be better than the other? Or is there a better option? Would I need just one for each side?
    Tanks Info:
    180 gallon with 40 gal Trigger Systems Ruby ELITE Sump 36x18x15
    It was set up one year ago. I have lots of hair algae growing and trying to get rid of it. I am still in the stocking process but currently feed about 1 1/2 cubes a day.

    or this one:

  2. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    The red:blue ratio is a bit better on this one

    And is probably better on the output:rating ratio

    What I mean by that is that sellers/manufacturers will say it's a 20W unit because it has 20x 1W chips, but that doesn't mean that is what it actually consumes (if you put a kill-o-watt meter on it). It might only pull 1/2 of that when you actually measure it.

    The other one


    is one that people have used and had success with, but others have found them a bit limiting because of the power output. However for a 1.5 cube/day screen, this one would probably do OK.

    Overall I would err on the side of the multichip fixture. You can always reduce the intensity with a piece of diffuser, but if it's not enough light, you're stuck with it.

  3. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    ok so would your top preferred one be better in the 30 watt? Or is the 20 watt good enough?
  4. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    I am still stocking the tank so once fully stocked I will be feeding something like 3 cubes
  5. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    In that case I would go with the 30w one

    Lighting: LED

    It's the actual draw that throws a wrench on the works, but the actual draw is never more than the advertised rating. Cutting the advertised rating in half is probably a decent rule of thumb, so 30W => 15W, and for a 3 cube/day screen (36 sq in) that's 10W minimum, ideally between that and 20W really.
  6. atoll

    atoll Member

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  7. vioreef

    vioreef New Member

  8. atoll

    atoll Member

    Yep. they are the same ones. They are quite slim so fit better than many other LED's plus they are splash proof while many aren't. IMO the LED's to get. I know a few here in the UK using them and all report the same as me great lights for the money and grow GHA well. Add to that the great price and they are GVFM all round.
  9. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    Undecided which to get at this point. I think I do need the 30 watts though. But what I don't like about them is how big they are compared to the 20 watt. I don't think I have a choice there if I want it to work properly. Next is trying to decide on which one of these two:

    1. 10W 20W 30W 50W Blue+Red Hydroponic Plant Flood LED Grow Light IP65 85-265V

    Or 2. http://www.amazon.com/GledĀ®-Brand-5...sbs_86_30?ie=UTF8&refRID=0M9WZD245M2AGKFFKCXZ

    Pros and cons of each:
    #1. slimmer, cheaper / need to add plug-in, 6 month warranty,stated at 650-660 nm(is 650 ok if that is what it ends up being?) 50,000 hrs life

    #2. 2 yr warranty, stated at 660 mn, comes with plug- in, 60,000 hrs life / fatter in size and a little bigger all around, costs a little more

    Not sure how I will mount these 30 watt larger lights either.

    Option 3. Pull the trigger and get an L4 pre made scrubber.
    Don't have to worry about how to mount the lights on this option. No light over spill into sump , so no unwanted algae growing in sump.
    Space my be a concern with this one. My sump is limited to how to place it. Costly option!
  10. vioreef

    vioreef New Member

    Hey amanda. The last link I added for number 1 is them on amazon in the features says powered 110v 3 prong plug for us in the states same price if you have prime. The eBay ones are straight from China so they can go anywhere which is probably the reason for lack of plug.
  11. atoll

    atoll Member

    IMO the one I showed (the 20w) will light up to an A4 size scrubber as it has 120degree lenses so should cover the screen even when quite close
  12. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    a 3-prong plug is easy to find at any hardware store, and the wires are color coded so all you need is to bend the wires into a "J" shape and tighten with a screwdriver to the terminals. Very simple.

    This just means that they don't have very good "binning", meaning, they don't have the LEDs sorted into a group that guarantees they are all center-peaked at 660. Some will be 655, some will be 650, etc. Think of a Bell Curve with the top point being the "center peak" value. Most off-the-shelf fixtures are like this, but generally you should be OK.

    yup but I strive to make it so you get what you pay for. Like that binning thing - all my LEDs are Philips Luxeon 660nm of a specific bin code which means they are consistently the same from unit to unit. The new L4 is a ways off though, but might have some used ones available soon.
  13. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    Thanks everyone for the replies.
    @vioreef, thanks for that link, I didn't see those on Amazon.

    @atoll, from the formula on this site it says I will need the 30 watt in order for the scrubber to work properly. I don't want to spend the money and have it not work as well and have to buy it twice. I have a 180 gal which will be stocked heavy.

    @Turbo, How far out before new L4 is available? also pm sent re: used

    How is everyone mounting their DIY scrubber lights?
  14. atoll

    atoll Member

    Well SM HOGs run lower wattage RED LED's and grow GTA well. The clue is in the red LED's if you ask SM. I run 2x 20w remember one on each side of the screen.
  15. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    I agree it is the reds mainly, but what I and others have found is that adding blue (and you don't need much) helps measurably. Also changing from blue to hyper-violet was a measurable change (more than I expected) so there is a blue/violet factor that can be used, of course, you don't absolutely need it.

    I can't say for sure at this point, it depends on the roll-out of the L2 and the cost of the injection molding for the L4. I'm hoping by spring I will have it ready to go.

    I have a list of people waiting for me to put the used/ding/dent units up in a Classifieds section on here, I just have been bogged down with other details and haven't gotten to it yet. I've cataloged them all though

    mount to stand, use a clip-on bracket, or DIY one out of PVC pipe and straps. Lots of ways to support lights, but part of it is a matter of what space you have to work with
  16. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    Thanks for all the advise everyone!
  17. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    Ok , so this weekend I was trying do decide on which route to go, and showing/going over the different options I have with my husband(who is not in the hobby). He said he likes the prebuilt the best. He says it just looks more professional and concealed all in one box. So it looks like I will be going with the L4! Yeah! So now I am patiently waiting for a used L4 to become available.

    So Turbo, please make sure I am on the list. Thanks!
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  18. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Best way to make sure you're on the list is to post in the wait list thread, I'm juggling a lot right now
  19. AmandaP

    AmandaP New Member

    ok Thanks

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