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New Algae Scrubber newbie

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lovefish77, Apr 17, 2017.

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  1. Hi turbo, just tested nitrates and still like 35ppm. Latest thing i got the jebao pump in my previuos post. dont know what the problem is here really. i got another CF grow light that i put on top (in between the screens) i will try to take another shot. What else can i do here? My green monti is starting to grow back after being dead fwiw. options:
    1. i will raise photo period to 16 hours or so
    2. increase tube from pump to 0.75" instead of .5" to raise flow
    3. keep tube at 0.5" and close once of the slots. some ppl say i can close it with serene wrap or something, is this doable? i dont want to go through another design

    tell me what you think
  2. just an update i am in the process of doing water changes, done one 15% last week and will do like 3 more over the coming 2 weeks. that way i would replace like 50% of water volume. Hoping this will lower nitrates. I think scrubber is handling nutrients in the sense that nitrates are not going up.

    thanks again
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  3. https://www.algaescrubbing.com/attachments/20180707_180723-png.1522/

    Question; I am having a flow discrepancy, the channel on the left always gets more flow than the right, any way i can get around this turbo? problem is first channel (left) water goes through one elbow, second one water faces another elbow, so it always gets lower flow. So left has stronger flow, right has less there is water flowing but more like trickling covering the whole screen. And of course algae is growing more on the left channel.

    By the way i have now four of these strong LED i told you about

    two on the out side of the screen and too sideways, i will try to send you a photo to help illustrate the setup though, but overall algae is growing thicker and much harder to remove when i clean the screens.
    another update, after dfoing three water change 15% each, nitrates last weekend were down to like 10-15ppm :)

    thanks for helping
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  4. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    From the pic, if you are referring to the "T" as the "left channel" and the elbow as the "right channel", and water input is on the left side of the T, I would think the right channel would get more flow. The dynamics of water flow in that setup would be like this: the water comes into one end of the T, and then it has 2 paths: one (left) takes a sharp 90 degree turn through a tap outlet (the tee) on the side of the flow path, the other (right) goes straight through the other end of the T and then into a 90 elbow, which is more of a "sweep" turn. While it's true that the elbow induces a form of head-loss, I would expect that path to be the one of least resistance actually.

    But that's just the on-paper engineer in me. If I built and tested it, that could be wrong.
  5. oh, i get your point, and your logic makes a lot of sense. However, how is it possible i am getting 2x the flow on the left and not the right? !!!!! only logical reason is that there is big chunks of algae on the path of the right channel that is severely reducing the flow. But again there is no way to see it or flush it out, any ideas? thanks turbo
  6. Latest from my scrubber , red patches. This is after a month of growth. Tell me what you think pls

    Attached Files:

  7. thoughts please?
  8. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Red growth like that does occur as the scrubber matures, nothing "wrong" with it, if it's turf-like you can scrape it off and it will come back, but slower than GHA.

    If it's more slimy, this happens also from time to time depending on your tank dynamics, usually that just rinses away and will come and go, usually just a phase of growth.

    I wouldn't let it grow that long (length of time) without some kind of harvesting. 18 days is typically my limit. You'll get a shading effect and the underlying layers of algae will not be growing. Think of it like an old tree vs new tree. An old tree doesn't uptake nearly as much CO2 as a new tree.

    Also allowing it to go that long give the red algae time to grow in. Again, that's not the worst thing but GHA seems to grow faster.

    Still don't know what to tell you on the flow, I think I need some kind of drawing to figure out what might be going on. I doubt there is a blockage but I suppose that's a possibility.

    The bottom line always remains: how is your tank doing? If it's doing well, then it's less of a concern
  9. thanks Turbo - tank is doing better, after heavy water changes nitrates are like 5ppm. Last water change was a month ago, i have also got two more lights to make sure i get good growth will try and take a pic and send here. Only problem now is that i get streamers after 10 days or so even though i have light blockers on the top of the screen!!!!! dont know what to do to avoid that.....was thinking of putting a piece of saran wrap and stuff it under the top of the screen (junction between screen and pvc) without affecting flow.
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