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Orignal L2 Scrubber and still going good

Discussion in 'Customer Support' started by SillySanj, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. SillySanj

    SillySanj Member Customer

    Seems bought my L2 R1 sdf.JPG from Bud many years ago - August 2012 to be precise and still have no regrets.

    1.5 cubes a day and I have this lovely harvest to prune every so often.
  2. Kerry

    Kerry Member Trusted Member Customer

  3. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    Nice, I saw you posted that same pic on UR...
  4. SillySanj

    SillySanj Member Customer

    Hey Bud... just doing my bit to spread the word of the almighty AS :)

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