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Filtration Pothos (freshwater)

Discussion in 'General Aquarium Discussion' started by ddalgleish, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. ddalgleish

    ddalgleish Member Customer

    I haven't shared my other garage experiement yet. This one has been going on for quite some time now (maybe a year or so). I built this setup up off of the aquaponics concept.

    The tank is 10 gallons and originally I put in a red male and female platy and a white male and female platy. I tried growing some rosemary and basil and I did get some success but after some time (and a lot of neglect) everything seemed to stay stationary or die. The main culprit is that I do not have sunlight.

    So I resorted to pothos and they seem to steadily grow a new leaf about every 3-4 weeks. The nice part about this experiment is that I can literally leave it on its own for months at a time. The worst thing that has happened is I forgot about it, the pump was running dry but the pothos and the fish were all alive and I simply refilled the tank back to standard water levels.

    The grow bed has a "bell siphon" which is a neat little device in itself. I would not have a tank in my living room with a bell siphon because they sound like a toilet flushing and they make noise every 30 seconds...but they are very good at flushing filtered water out and pushing dirty nutrient filled water into the grow bed. The only maintence involved with this tank is feeding when I remember to, filling the auto top off when I remember to and trimming the pothos when they want to grow over the edge (the trimmings I replant to increase growth). So enjoy!

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