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Sabbath's 2 are Better than One build

Discussion in 'Customer Support' started by sabbath, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. sabbath

    sabbath Member Trusted Member Customer

    Well like many upgrades this one has already grew. I was going to sell my 120g after I got the 180g up and running. Well you know how it goes. I got to thinking about running them both. The plan is to put them next to each other on one long stand, or so that it looks that way. The 120g will be the Reef tank and the 180g will be a FO.
    Then my wife asked if I could add a TV to the setup as well. So here is a sketch that I came up with.


    What do you think?
    Should I have it 3 sections inside or all one long stand?

    Both DT's will be ATS tanks;
    -The 120g will have a 40b sump with a L2 ATS. The overflow is a Glass holes with a custom built external box added for a Beananimal drain system. Thanks to Bud with Turbo Aqautics.

    -The 180g will have a L4 up in the canopy. As I'm thinking to try and run this one sumpless. Also with a ATS and FO I'm hopping to to not do many water changes.

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