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Tank close ups using L2 HF Sooper Dooper Algae Scrubber

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SillySanj, Oct 4, 2014.

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  1. SillySanj

    SillySanj Member Customer

    Using L2 upgraded to HF (Thanks to Bud) since building my corner 250 liter tank.

    I used the L2 (before the upgrade) scrubber on my previous corner tank and had the same results. Can't fault this unit and what it does. Just see the pictures for growth as all of these started off as small frags (apart from the Trachy)

    I've recently added a Co2 reactor to assist on keeping my parameters in check since I've been a lazy bugger and not done a water change for the last 8 months and I think I don't need to since my levels are in line.

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  2. Garf

    Garf Member Trusted Member

    Looking good SS :)
    I wouldn't worry about the waterchange thing too much, mine been the same water for 2 years and not noticed a problem. I think I recognise your face from UR. Have you posted your scrubber journey on there? :)
  3. SillySanj

    SillySanj Member Customer

    Hey Garf,

    Yep, I've added some entries on UR showing off the scrubber and also commenting on how it's the only filtration in both my old and new tank setup.
    I do see more and more people adapting the use of AS where as before, it was ridiculed by no-knowledge people. Slowly the use and added benefits of running a AS is recognised.

    If I can show off my tank setup and what's maintaining it, hopefully my pics will be more than enough proof.

    I'm going to add these photos on my scrubber setup thread and see what type of replies I get :)
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