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The Turbo L4 Algae Scrubber (obsolete)

Discussion in 'Previous Versions' started by Turbo, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer


    This is the Turbo L4 Algae Scrubber, Patent Pending


    Shipping within the Continental US is via FedEx Ground at a maximum of $65. Shipping will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Shipping time is usually 3 business days or less

    Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is via USPS at a flat rate of $65. Shipping time is usually 7 days.

    International shipping is generally via USPS and cost is currently on a case-by-case basis. Generally, overseas shipping is about $140 via USPS. International shipping via FedEx, UPS, or DHL is also available, although their rates are only available for 3-day Express, which is extremely costly.

    Base Package: $520 US


    The Base Package comes with:


    Main body of unit

    Dual Drain system
    The Primary (bottom) drain consists of:
    • Bulkhead
    • Adapter
    • 6" of PVC pipe
    • Other options are available (see "Drain Options")

    The Secondary (Side / Emergency) Drain consists of:
    • Uniseal Bulkhead
    • Street Elbow
    • 12” of PVC pipe

    Slot Pipe Assembly




    • Precision, Router-cut Slot Pipe
    • Union
    • Hose Barb Elbow Adapter (other adapters optional)
    • 13" wide x 4" tall roughed-up screen (effective growth area)
    • 2 Rotatable Screen Holder rings (allows for screen to be cut in half for dual-screen use)
    • <<SHOWN IN PICS, BUT NO LONGER USED>> Center ring with keystone to prevent slot from pinching at the center over time
    • Schedule 80 PVC now used for all L4 slot pipes (pictures pending)
    • Adjustable "water creep" blockers

    LED Lighting System
    The light fixtures come with the highest quality LEDs.

    • Growth-spectrum optimized mixture of LEDs
    • Water resistant electrical connectors
    • 2 LED Drivers & wall plugs (plugs not included for international orders)
    • Fixtures are fully assembled
    • Unit may be reconfigured for half-and-half lighting operation

    Maker's LED provides the heat sink system used for the Turbo Algae Scrubbers. You can view details about the Maker's LED Heat Sink System on their website at http://www.makersled.com



    Each Maker’s LED heat sink includes:
    • Anodized Aluminum material
    • Splash shield & end caps
    • Cooling fan, bezel, hardware, and end plugs. Do I need the cooling fans?
    • Prismatic diffuser

    DIY LED Package: $460
    The Maker's LED system is designed with the Do-It-Yourself person in mind. How can I build the light fixture myself?

    The DIY LED Kit comes unassembled, with all components shown in the pre-built LED fixtures. Additionally, the kit includes:
    • A tube of Thermal Grease
    • Wire for connecting the LEDs
    • Guidelines for assembly

    Additional Options

    Here is the Turbo L4 with the Rio Plus 1700 UL Pump, the Gate Valve Drain Kit, the Inlet Plumbing Kit, and the Cleaning Kit.


    The following items are optional (Why?) and are in addition to the base price.

    Drain Plumbing Kits
    FAQ: Why do I need one of these Drain Options?

    Option #1 - Gate Valve Kit: $20


    • Adapter (included in base package
    • 3/4" True Gate Valve
    • Various lengths of PVC pipe

    Option #2 (a or b) - Loc-Line Kit: $20

    Option #2a


    Option #2a comes with the following 3/4" Loc-Line (name brand) items
    • Threaded adapter
    • In-line ball valve
    • Nozzle
    • 6" of modular hose segments

    Option #2b


    Option #2b comes with the following 3/4" Loc-Line (name brand) items
    • Threaded ball valve
    • 3" Flare Nozzle
    • 6" of modular hose segments

    Loc-Line Vs Gate Valve

    Rio Pump: $45


    The recommended pump is the Rio+ 1700UL. This item can be added for $45.
    More information on Pumps

    Inlet Plumbing Kit: $5


    This will now be an add-on option (Why?) and will include:
    • 24" of vinyl hose
    • A 3/4" inline ball valve (Two Little Fishies valve now included instead of BRS valve)
    • Zip Ties

    Scrubber Cleaning Kit: $5


    This is a kit with some tools I have found helpful in maintaining the scrubber. This kit includes:
    • A scraper, perfect for removing algae from the screen
    • A specific toothbrush for cleaning out the box and scrubbing the slot
    • A scrub brush for cleaning the smooth area of the screen
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  2. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    For the current availability and other information regarding ordering, please check this thread:

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  3. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    The Rev 3 L4 will come in a complete unit, including the cleaning kit, inlet tubing and valve, and drain valve for $549.

    I still have parts for a few Rev 2 L4 units and will be selling these with the upgrade patches installed at a discounted price. Existing customers will get first crack at these units for swap-out and upgrades.

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