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Turbo L2 Suggestions

Discussion in 'Customer Support' started by Ricky, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Ricky

    Ricky Member Trusted Member Multiple Units! Customer

    Love the scrubber.. but have a few suggestions for bud and maybe you guys could tell me if you are having the same "issues".

    besides the placement.. building brackets and things to put the scrubber in place (hint, hint... ) my biggest Pain in the neck is making sure the pump and hose are properly placed and the hose cut to the exact length so that the slotted tube sits right on the scrubber... If the pump pulls a bit the other side pops up, if it pushes then the side where the pump is pops up, if it pulls a bit the screen touches the emergency drain and trickles water down, if it pushes then it makes noise and bubbles come down the side of the false bottom.

    So here is my solution (will build prototype and post pics soon)

    Its really no big deal.. but Instead of having those little pieces on the bottom of the pipe to prevent water from escaping.. I would make the ring go arround the whole tube, This will prevent the little piece from braking (like mine). And I would space them out all the way till the inside scrubber wall.. so that it prevents the tube from sliding in there back and forth.


    Second, I would add a clip that holds the tube in place.


    And last but not least... a mark somewhere that tells me the slot is perfectly balanced. a Single line would fix this. or two arrows you can match.


    This will save me tons of agravation bud.. LOL.. let me know what you guys think.. sorry bout the poor paint skills.. haven't used it in years.
  2. Ricky

    Ricky Member Trusted Member Multiple Units! Customer

    Then of course there is the matter of the new lid.


    But Bud refuses to build one for me. So Im not talking to him any more.. lol
  3. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    I do appreciate all feedback, positive and negative.

    Ricky, I think you may have gotten one of the last slot pipes using the old glue-on-tab method, I switched over to the current one in which I use a piece of airline tubing and thread a zip-tie through it, and cinch that down around the pipe. I thought I had e-mailed you about that one. You can slide that back and forth, and if you made it long enough to wrap around the entire pipe, #1 is taken care of.

    I agree with #2 the tube and slot pipe pushing issue. I think everyone deals with it for the most part but I just don't hear much feedback unless I specifically ask for it, and then it's usually all positive and only about growth and results. Every once in a while I get a functionality suggestion I will incorporate your suggestion as soon as I can find a way of doing it without creating another problem.

    #3 was mentioned to me a while back but I think it could be incorporated into #2 pretty easily

    I do however have a mad scheme in mind in which there are no notches on the sides of the box for the slot pipe to wobble, and the #3 item then becomes easy to take care of...

    As to the lid, to make a light blocker truly effective, I think I would need to angle the bottom tabs toward each other so that they sort of 'hugged' the screen. We all need hugs sometimes and your screen is no different. The problem is that the 'huggers' would have to be flexible, but I have an idea of what might work. I picked one of these up at a hobby store for $2 a couple years ago...


    It might work since it is bendable, if I can bond it on to acrylic without is easily ripping off, like the tabs did.

    In similar fashion to the lid idea, I was given one suggestion by a FW user to make a way to raise the slot pipe up above the box and extend the screen to get the slot pipe completely out of the light all together. Basically his idea was to make an extension kit that would sit in the notches for the slot pipe. Funny thing is, this was my original concept a few years ago, and I set it aside as vertical compactness was the higher priority, and it complicated the design.
  4. Ricky

    Ricky Member Trusted Member Multiple Units! Customer

    Mad props to bud for fulfilling most if not all off my wishes with the new rev. Looking forward to delivery of one of them bad boys.

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