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Uas diy help

Discussion in 'Algae Scrubber DIY' started by Vic poli, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Vic poli

    Vic poli New Member

    Hey guys, been refered by many from r2r to check out this site on possibly helping me with a problem i have with my tank.
    I for some reason cant grow chaeto... And also i am starting to have red spots in my sand possible cyano. So instead of my usually bi-weekly water changes i have started doing weekly changes (tank is 120 gallons with a 36 gallon sump)

    Im looking to do the Uas up flow method of the scrubber. I usually feed my fish once a day.. A pinch full of pellets one day and 1 romain lettuce stalk the other day and rotate.

    So im the type of person thats like if ima make this thing.. I wont make it small I'll make it like big lol, my fuge glass part of the sump is about a 10 inch tall (base to water line)and 12 inch long. So i wouldn't mind making it that size... Too much? Go smaller?

    And im also wondering instead of the airline tubing and the a booting noise of the air pump.. Would it be possible for me to possibly get a maxi jet pump and jus use the air line attachment to blast bubbles into the scrubber? Is micro bubbles ok for a scrubber or does it have to b like big globs?
    I even have a pump which i used for a diy skimmer that blasts micro bubbles like crazy.
  2. Turbo

    Turbo Does not really look like Johnny Carson Staff Member Site Owner Multiple Units! Customer

    The theory is that large bubbles cause movement better than small, but my feeling is that it is water flow that matters most. I would think a pump with a Venturi air feed would do ok, mainly because of the flow.

    Do you not have room for a waterfall scrubber?
  3. Peter

    Peter Member Trusted Member Customer

    Believe me, I have tried to DIY upflow and floating version, but Turbo's waterfall version do wonders for me.
  4. ddalgleish

    ddalgleish Member Customer

    I would go by the advice of both Turbo and Peter. Here is my input:

    1) If you're using an air pump, you need a lot more pump when you make the screen more wide (i.e. the wider your upflow scrubber is the louder it will become). So I think you're on the right track in avoiding air pumps.

    2) I don't think the bubbles have any added benefit. Their true (or original) purpose to my understanding is to move the water because if you're using a pump....well why not make a waterfall system instead? If you're making a submerged system using a pump then you could make it any kind of flow you want (down flow, side flow, diagonal flow). Water fall systems flow downward simply because water falls down and upflow scrubbers flow up simply because bubbles flow up. Bottom line is flow.

    3) The upflow I purchased was horrible but I have also made an upflow myself and it worked pretty well. In the end I have migrated to a waterfall type. One reason, algae growing on the glass. Any surface that has light and water simultaneously will grow algae and that includes the glass that the light has to go through. This is where the water fall algae surpasses an upflow system. Doesn't mean your upflow system will not work, it just means you'll be cleaning the window more than the screen inside.
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  5. Peter

    Peter Member Trusted Member Customer

    Exacly as ddalgleish said!
    I can't emphasize strong enough how much more algae is growing on glass than on actual screen mesh, with upflow version.
    That was so frustrating when it comes to cleaning. I can clearly compare upflow, waterfall and surf, because I happen to use same LED light for all three variations while testing.
    Good amount of flow is crucial.
  6. Vic poli

    Vic poli New Member

    Ok definitly taking everything into consideration. I guess im at a win win honestly so what im thinking is just for now so maybe i can learn about the scrubbers is that i will do an up flow too.. Possibly add a little twist to and and try it from there.. If i see its a pain then all of the equipment i have can just be switched to a waterfall type.. Just gotta add more PVC lol. I just got in the mail my par 38 led red/blue bulb
    So if it doesn't work for the up flow I'll jus switch everything to waterfall lol.
    I will definitely post pics tomorrow as im going to be working on it tomorrow.
    I am basically going to be take a pump (forgot to read the gph on it) and add the airline tubing to it which will make micro bubbles. I will then take the output and attach 1/2" PVC. The length of my refuge part of dumb is 10" so im thinking possibly a 9x9 or 8x8 inch square of mesh. Yes i no it might be much but lets see how it goes. The diameter of the led bulb is about 6" so i figure might as well make the screen for the size of the light lol.
    So on the PVC i will first try it as the way i seen ppl make their scrubbers.. Which is kinda like airline tubing with 3 holes in it basically making the air push through tiny holes. So i might do about 8 mini holes (1 every inch) then ill test.. If I'm not to happy then ill drill more holes and so on.

    Again i guess I'll try it for a month or 2 since i know they dnt just kick off right away.
    Also my design im looking to make it like one whole unit.. So like your saying about glass cleaning issues.. It would simply just push back a little so that i have room to get a sponge in there and clean the glass.

    After 2 months if nothing then i guess take that pump and jus make it waterfloe type haha

    I really appreciate all the knowledge and info tho guys great to actually have people respond to questions and learn more and more about the hobby

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